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Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

STP at Hotels and Resorts

The inflow of high number of guests in hotel and resorts is what the management seeks for. Resultantly, the handsome amount of sewage generation is what follows. Here comes the need of Kelvin’s smart STP plants which makes sure that the sewage is well treated and recycled before being released into the nature and environment.

STP at Kitchen/Canteens

If our houses are not connected to main drainage line or if we are using a septic tank to dispose of our household wastewater, then the water sources as lakes and streams nearby our home will get contaminated. Hence, it is best to install an environmentally sfriendly domestic/household STP which acts as an independent waste water treatment system for the wastes generated from our houses and kitchen.

STP at Residential Complexes

Open or sealed, any type of STP can be installed at residential complexes depending upon their size. Methane is the byproduct generated in open or partially sealed STPs, hence the problem of fouling exists. For smaller complexes, a completely sealed and automated system is recommended as it reduces the maintenance cost as well the foul smell issue does not exist.

STP at Hospitals

Pollution Control Board has made it mandatory for hospitals with 100 or more beds in many states to install and operate an STP plant so that the environment and public health is protected. Hence, a strict approval procedure for healthcare institutions wherein all such units have to procure an authorization certificate that states a proper STP has been installed and operated from board before starting the operation has been imposed.

STP at Malls and Complexes

Consequences of wastewater/sewages generated from malls and shopping complexes on the environment is increasing day by day. Hence, it is necessary to install and commission STP in every shopping mall which produces greater volume of sewage and wastewater. Nowadays, sewage generation from large malls are also getting larger. Hence, the sewage water must be treated and disposed off properly to avoid water and soil pollution.

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